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With the arrival of the Q7, the era of the new generation of purses has arrived. Fast, easy and safe, the ultra-slim Wallet is a perfect combination of functionality, timeless design and hip gadget. 

Small and light, barely bigger than a credit card! The Q7 Card Protector can store up to 15 cards, banknotes and receipts securely. Thanks to its minimalist and compact design, this high-quality leather wallet fits easily into your pants or inner pocket. Because of the metal plates, your cards are not only protected against breaking, but also against electronic skimming.

Made in Germany, two years warranty and available in many leather and color combinations. Q7-A must have and truly elegant gift!


Features Q7 has 1 slot for cards, banknotes and receipts. You fold the banknote one time before you put it in the Q7 wallet (see image) Your cards are protected by the metal plates from breaking and bending, but also against skimming.
Kind of leather Finest Italian Full-Grain Leather
Anti Skim Protect your cards against data hackers
Weight 41gr
Size 90 x 65 x 5 mm
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