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The Secrid additional Card slide is a add on for the Card protector by Secrid. It is a sliding tray that along with a money band at the card protector is stuck. The money band has to be bought separately. You decide what you want to do additional in the card slide. E.g. business cards, extra mints, key, drugs etc. In the card protector allows up to 6 passes that with one click there clearly come true. Except 6 passes in the in the card slide card protector, there is place for another 4 passes. Or instead of passes you money and mints. The card slide is of very strong plastic with stainless steel inside. This ensures that in the card slide the passes protects against hackers who want to steal your data.

The additional card slide is available in white or black.

-Up to 8 cards, a few coins and what letter money

-The Slide can be any of the card protector afgegeschoven.

-Protects your card against bending, breaking and wear

-Small, compact and convenient. Easy to carry.

-Protects your privacy against hackers

-Dutch design and fabrication. 100% recyclable.

-Two years real guarantee on system.


Extra money slot The Secrid card slide is multifunctional and therefore also usable to keep 4 extra cards.
Coin slot The Secrid card slide is multifunctional and therefore also usable as coin holder.
Protection Your cards sustain longer. A Secrid protects your cards against bending, breaking and brittle
Anti Skim In the aluminium card protector your cards are 100% safe against wireless skimming and hacking. Because of the metal lining, the cards inside the card slide are also protected against Identity stealing.
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