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Aluminium card protector With one click all cards slide out step way. Cards do not fall out. good for: - 6 flat cards, or - 5 flat cards and 1 embossed card, or - 4 flat cards and 2 embossed card, or - 2 flat cards and 3 embossed cards, or - 4 embossed cards
Expandable Later, you can expand your Secrid card protector with a money band so you can take a few banknotes extra. Or you can buy a money band with an extra card slide. With a card slide you get even more space for cards, money, coins, key etc.
Protection Your cards sustain longer. A Secrid protects your cards against bending, breaking and brittle
Anti Skim In the aluminium card protector your cards are 100% safe against wireless skimming and hacking. The cards inside the leather slots are not protected against Identity stealing.
Weight 45 grams
Size Secrid cardprotector: 6.8 x 1.8 x 10.2 cm
Warranty Standard 2 years warranty with option for third year after registration
Business gift The Secrid Card protector is ideal for engraving. By using a laser we can engrave any logo on the card protector. We accompany the process from A to Z. We engrave from 25 pieces. Our graphic team is waiting for you.
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