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SECRID - Secrid slim wallet leather Dutch Martin whiskey - order online

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The slim wallet by Secrid is a convenient credit card holder made of aluminium and real leather. With a slide click the passes clearly from the card protector and you can simply pass out. Except 6 cards in the card protector, is there in learning case to the card protector another place for 6 additional passes and 10 banknotes. The Secrid is also very progressive in securing information privacy on your cards. Many passes with a RFID chip which privacy sensitive information. Because the RFID chip transmits radio signals, hackers know this information. Hackers can even those data to another copy and pass this on your cost in a shop checkout or with your only use public transport. The Secrid mini wallet blocks the radio signal completely. This is tested by TNO. The secrid mini wallet is 100% "made in Holland" and also 100% recyclable. All products by Secrid have two year warranty. The mini wallet is available in many colors including: black, vintage Brown, vintage blue, vintage cognac, dark brown, Brown and black, amazon amazon reptile cognac.

Dutch Martin leather is specially for Secrid develops. Unlike the vintage line, this leather treated with oil and wax. The texture feels very high value to. The leather in the vintage series changes by use. The leather is darker and get small scratches. The leather in the series Dutch Martin has that much less.

-Up to 12 passes and what letter money

-Protects your card against bending, breaking and wear

-Small, compact and convenient. Easy to carry.

-Protects your privacy against hackers

-Dutch design and fabrication. 100% recyclable.

-Two years real guarantee on system and seams.

Main plus points t. ov. Mini wallet is that more passes in learning box. In addition, the slim wallet no press Stud making the slim wallet better in the Pocket. Downside is that the slim wallet open hits if you want a lot of money and vouchers in the letter box stops. So make sure you have the slim wallet always stuck in your chest or Pocket.


Aluminium card protector The slim wallet has one inside card protector, With one click all cards slide out step way. Cards do not fall out. good for: - 6 flat cards, or - 5 flat cards and 1 embossed card, or - 4 flat cards and 2 embossed card, or - 2 flat cards and 3 embossed cards, or - 4 embossed cards
Extra cards slot Inside leather 2 extra slots for totally 6 extra cards
Extra money slot The slim wallet has inside the leather part a patented slot specially to hold banknotes or receipts. It can hold to a maximum of 4.
Coin slot Not suitable for coins
Press stud No Press stud The slim wallet falls open when too many banknotes are inside.
Kind of leather DUTCH MARTIN - Full-grain leather
Leather features Home-grown craftsmanship, The best quality leather in the collection of Secrid. Named after a Dutch artisan specialising in leather finishing, this leather was exclusively developed for our wallets. The hard carnauba wax makes the Dutch Martin characteristic in look and feel. - Finished with wax and oil - Natural glossy finish - European cowhide - Made in Holland
Protection Your cards sustain longer. A Secrid protects your cards against bending, breaking and brittle
Anti Skim In the aluminium card protector your cards are 100% safe against wireless skimming and hacking
Weight 74 grams
Size Slim wallet: 6.8 x 1.8 x 10.2 cm
Warranty Standard 2 years warranty with option for third year after registration
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