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The Exentri multi wallet is a minimalist wallet from Norway. Made of genuine cowhide leather with various compartments for credit cards, banknotes and coins. The stainless steel buckle closes the wallet well. Without opening the wallet, you grab the most important card with one thumb movement. The cards are protected against the unwanted reading of the RFID/NFC chip. The Exentri is suitable for 7 to 14 cards. It also has a large slot for banknotes. The multi wallet from Exentri has also a coin compartment. Dimensions: 90x70x20mm

The Exentri is packaged in a elegant and black cardboard box.


Features The EXENTRI has some important features. It has space for maximum 12 credit cards. It has a big slot to take a lot of banknotes and receipts with. Your mostly used card can be slide out with your thumb without opening the wallet. At the back of the wallet it has a compartment for coins. Your RFID and NFC cards are protected from skimming.
Extra cards slot Besides the slots for your cards, there is an extra slot for a travel or parking ticket.
Extra money slot Separate compartment for many banknotes and receipts
Coin slot Has a large coin compartment
Kind of leather Genuine cowhide leather
Protection Your cards sustain longer. An Exenjri protects your cards against bending and breaking
Anti Skim Our Exentri® Wallet contains a RFID blocking nylon that shields your RFID Cards. RFID block nylon underneath exterior leather on both outer sides of the wallet. Tested by the Euro Lab for International Transaction Technologies (Elitt).
Weight 50gr
Size 90mm x 70mm x 20mm (height x wide x depth)
Warranty 2 years warranty
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