Protect your RFID cards

RFID bank cards are not safe

By this WiFi logo on your bank card, you recognize if hackers can steal your money through radio frequency.

Nowadays bank cards, ID cards and public transport cards have a so-called RFID chip. With this new chip it is possible to pay without physical contact with a POS terminal. Once your card comes close to an RFID reader, all data on your card will be sent to the RFID reader. There is no security at all. With one swipe your card provide the data to any random RFID reader.

The data is collected and can be copied to a new card. With the copied credit card the hacker can perform payments at your expense. Without PIN only small amounts are possible, but research of the Dutch consumer federation has aproved that with PIN a higher amount is possible. Watch the video above.

The Secrid cardprotector and all other Secrid wallets protect your cards against unauthorized reading. Even if your card is half outside the Card Protector, your cards are still safe from hackers.

A Secrid protects your cards against bending and breaking
A Secrid protects your cards against unauthorized skimming