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The Secrid slim wallet is an easy to use credit card wallet made from aluminium and real leather. The core of the wallet is the aluminium cardprotector. Inside the cardprotector there is space for 6 cards. Just by one click all cards slide out gradually. All cards in one view and easy to take out the right debt card.

A special coating inside prevent the cards from damaging and falling out.

Plastic cards get often squashed into wallets. Become bent when put in back pockets and the chemical interaction with leather makes them brittle. As a result many cards will break within their first year of usage. The aluminium Secrid card protector prevents this.

The latest cards like credit cards, ID cards and admission cards have a RFID or NFC chip inside. It can been copied from a distance up to 30 meters. The Secrid card protector prevents this possibility. This has been tested and confirms by TNO in the Netherlands. Secrid offers the perfect firewall for your wallet.

The slim wallet from Secrid is so strong that you have a two year warranty on the sliding system and stitches.

This article is excellent to give to a man and is beautiful packaged in a luxurious black box.

Secrid slim wallet is available in many styles and colors. There are three styles: original, vintage and amazon. Available colors are: vintage brown, original black, vintage grey, vintage cognac, vintage blue, amazon brown and amazon black.

A short overview:

- Space for 12 cards and 4 banknotes. Less cards means more banknotes.

- Protection against breaking or bending

- Very slim, just 14mm thick, Easy to put in front or back pocket

- RFID and NFC safe, 100% privacy protection

- Dutch design, made in Holland, 100% recyclable

- Patented sliding system, two year warranty

Secrid slim wallet vs. Secrid mini wallet: The Secrid slim wallet can hold extra 6 cards inside the leather parts instead of 4 cards in the mini wallet. Disadvantage is that the wallet will flip open when there are more than 4 banknotes inside. The mini wallet has a press stud which keep everything in place.


Aluminium card protector The slim wallet has one inside card protector, With one click all cards slide out step way. Cards do not fall out. good for: - 6 flat cards, or - 5 flat cards and 1 embossed card, or - 4 flat cards and 2 embossed card, or - 2 flat cards and 3 embossed cards, or - 4 embossed cards
Extra cards slot Inside leather 2 extra slots for totally 6 extra cards
Extra money slot The slim wallet has inside the leather part a patented slot specially to hold banknotes or receipts. It can hold to a maximum of 4.
Coin slot Not suitable for coins
Press stud No Press stud The slim wallet falls open when too many banknotes are inside.
Kind of leather RANGO - Corrected-grain leather
Leather features Modestly extravagant With a deep duotone colour, the fine lizard embossing makes Rango striking in subtle ways. A sophisticated and contemporary leather type. - Deeply coloured, stain-resistant - Satin gloss lizard embossing - European cowhide - Made in Holland
Protection Your cards sustain longer. A Secrid protects your cards against bending, breaking and brittle
Anti Skim In the aluminium card protector your cards are 100% safe against wireless skimming and hacking
Weight 74 grams
Size Slim wallet: 6.8 x 1.8 x 10.2 cm
Warranty Standard 2 years warranty with option for third year after registration
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